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Advanced Health offers Integrative Medicine, combining functional medicine, primary care medicine, functional neurology, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, women's health, hormone therapy, IV nutritional therapy and more.

Our integrative approach includes state of the art diagnostics including advanced laboratory profiles and advanced neurological screening to help determine the cause.  Integrative treatment approaches combine the best of leading edge medicine and leading edge alternative healthcare to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

Treatment may include but not be limited to nutritional therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulative therapies, cold laser, decompression, brain mapping and neuro-feedback with an advanced neuro-integrative approach, frequency specific therapies.  Pharmaceutical choices may be used when needed. Treatment approaches are individualized for each patient.

We have practiced functional and alternative medicine for over 15 years and inventory a variety of high quality professional nutritional supplements with the best choices from over 20 companies. 

If you are tired of symptomatic patches "bandaids" to your healthcare OR your ill health is not allowing you to life the lifestyle you should, THEN take charge of your life and call the office to see if you qualify for care.  Do this now while there is still time to reverse, slow down, or halt the degenerative changes taking place in your body.



Our commitment is to your health and well being.  We offer a unique blend of traditional and alternative medicine to help you be the best you can be!  Dr. Horn, DC, FIAMA, AFNI and Laura Horn, ARNP, NP-C bring chiropractic, acupuncture, functional neurology, functional medicine, traditional primary care medicine, wellness visits, annual exams, and minor procedures to our patients.  This blended approach is unique to each patient and setting.


Personalized Individual Healthcare - every patient is carefully evaluated to determine which approach will work best for them.


We are accepting new patients.  Most new patients will be seen within 24 hours.  Depending on which provider you are seeing, and the reason for your visit, you will be provided with the appropriate forms.  Some of these forms are quite extensive and lengthy, but necessary to help us better serve your healthcare needs.


Please, take your time and explore our site...we look forward to seeing you. 

Dr. Roy Horn, DC, FIAMA, AFNI

Laura Horn, ARNP, NP-C


Call us at 352-563-2597

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